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The lightbulb moment which became SNOAP happened due to the need/want for Lisa, mum to three, to reduce the amount of single-use plastic her family was discarding on a weekly basis.  


Lisa knew solid soaps and shampoos were better for her family's skin and hair and then environment, but she needed the convenience of a dispenser.  


Lisa searched for a solid soap dispenser but couldn't find one, she invented one – SNOAP!  A revolutionary solid soap/solid shampoo dispenser.


The dispenser holds two bars and dispenses your desired amount as a powder – no-one touches the bar!  Each bar is equivalent to 10 bottles or 2.5l of liquid, has a carbon footprint of less than 10% of liquid, uses 30% less water to wash with, – all with no single-use plastic!  SNOAP has launched in the UK market and is set to go global.

Odonata International Limited


Precious Planet Soaps.jpg
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